Sunday, June 28, 2009

The season is over

June 20th was Samantha's last swim meet. It was a long night, but bitter sweet when the night ended. The practice and meets were grueling, especially on Saturdays battling the summer heat. Seeing the kids compete and hanging out with neighboring friends made the meets fun!
Samantha did great. She did not make the Meet of Champions(MOC), because her times were not as good as the other girls in her age group. There's always next year. She received a lot of third place ribbons and some second, but overall she was improving at each meet. She just needs a little more practice. We are looking at putting her in Katy Aquatics, which is a local swim group that competes in Fall and Spring leagues.
Way to go Samantha! Mom and Dad praise your swimming efforts.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is how I want to remember him

Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Michael brought some great memories of my childhood, so I only found it fitting to give him some tribute. Despite his past eccentric lifestyle and recent allegations, he was still a great preformer - we can't take that from him.

Michael you were a part of many people's lives and many tried to emulate your style. These are the memories you brought into my life.

  • I saw you and your brothers (Jackson 5) at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in the early 70's. I remember going with my cousins. I think my Aunt Mary has those pictures. I will really need to get them from her now. We had such a great time. I remember the crowd going crazy when you guys sang ABC and Rockin' Robin. I loved those songs!
  • I remember as a kid watching the Jackson 5 cartoon on Saturday mornings. All the top Jackson 5 songs were played on the cartoon show.
  • Off the Wall was released in 1979 and I was in junior high. Our food court had a juke box in the center of the court. We played the album over and over again. I think if that would have been the only album in the juke box, it would have been okay. My favorite song off that album "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough".
  • Thriller was released in 1982 and I was a junior in high school. The first time I saw the video was on Friday Night Videos. Me, my cousin Rose, and some of our friends were going out to a party and we asked everyone to come over to our house to see the video before we went out to the party. We loved the dance moves and thought it was the coolest video we had ever seen. It was the talk of the party when we got there.
  • Billie Jean and PYT (Pretty Young Thing) was played at every school dance and it seemed like everyone was on the dance floor.
  • We are the World came out in 1985. I was a freshman at University of Texas. I remember watching the video for the first time in my dorm's living area. No one had cable in their rooms, so we all gathered in the living area to watch the video. I thought it was so cool that artist were creating this album for a beneficial cause.
  • Then Live Aid came out that summer of 1985. I missed my cousin's wedding because I wanted to see the performance. Actually I just missed some of it, I was there for the reception. I told everyone I really needed to study for a test (just a little white lie). The final performance was led by Lionel Richie and all of the performers involved came on stage to join Lionel. Including Micheal Jackson. Awesome performance by all!
  • Then in late 1989 I choose to work in radio. I heard all of your music all of the time. Especially when working at KRBE. I did not follow a lot of your music after Triller, but it did not mean I did not like it.

Michael you lived a fulfilling life and you made a lot of people happy with your music. Your last days were probably those I would not like to remember. May you rest in peace if that is what your fate brought you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Senior Pics

Last month I did a senior photo shoot from a referral from a neighbor. It was really fun doing this shoot because of the location we chose, Wild West in Richmond, TX. I also took her to an area in Cinco Ranch that is just now developing. I must have shot over a hundred photos. It gave me the opportunity to hone in on my photo techniques, map out locations for shoots, and add another photo element (senior pics) to my portfolio.
Now I need to get busy creating my photo blog.

Friday, June 5, 2009

She's a Grad!

Looking back to when she was waiting for the bus as a second grader - Aug/2005
Samantha & friends @ the 5th grade Luau party
Graduation day June 3rd, 2009. Samantha accepting her awards and certificate of completion. Samantha and gal pals after the ceremony.

OMG...where has the time gone!
Two weeks ago, Samantha had a luau party to bid a fond farewell to 5th grade and on Wednesday, June 3rd, she had her graduation ceremony. No more elementary school for us. The graduation was very nice and very emotional for all the moms. Samantha even said it was a little sad knowing it was her last year in elementary.
Now the real work begins - Jr. High. We will be busy next year, because Samantha has chosen to participate in band. Hope the work load is manageable with band. I have total confidence in my BIG Girl. How the time will fly from now until May 2016, Samantha's graduating year.