Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday month almost gone

Birthday month is like Christmas.

You look forward to the gifts and all the pomp and circumstance and then it's gone. So sad!

Well I received some wonderful gifts: a giraffe carving for my study (which is safari themed) and money which I applied towards a photography light kit and a cool camera strap for my Nikon.

I have to say the best gift so far in my adult years has to be the birthday cake my husband made for my birthday. I posted it above. It's a simple thing, but as adults we learn that simple things are more caring and mean more because there is thought put into it.

Here is to another year of life. I hope to live 44 more without a diaper or drool!

Monday, September 21, 2009

On the hunt

It's that time again - hunting season.

Not the kind your thinking of either. I'm junk hunting!

Fall antique week is back in Warrenton and Round Top! My next couple of weeks are super busy, but I am going to fit it in even if I have to take a day off.

Tim Holtz has inspired me to work more ephemera into my projects. I'm on the hunt for old postcards, stamps, ads, and pictures if they are not creepy (why do all old pictures look like ghost looking at you - maybe because they are?) I'm also looking for old keys, vintage fabric, and fun bling wear.

Warrenton/Round Top days are my Christmas! I can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tiger Territory

Labor day weekend me and the family headed to Baton Rouge, LA to visit our old neighbors - The Asaros.

It was a great weekend catching up on new and old gossip, over indulging on great creole food, and exploring the LSU campus.
The campus was a lot smaller than I expected, considering their alumni are super BIG supporters. It was fun going behind the scenes visiting the athletic departments. Renee's dad coaches the girls basketball team there. We visited his office and got to see all of his awards. I fell in love with the awesome computer screen of his. I would love to have that! Great for photo edits.
We toured the area where Renee and her parents live and it is really nice! I love the architecture of the plantation homes and iron works. Ms. Renee bought Samantha some LSU clothing, although she will still remain loyal to UT (University of Texas). We got to see a glimpse of Mike the Tiger Mascot as he lounged in his habitat. We then headed to an awesome place for some great creole food. was so good too! I had to come back on Monday to do some running. I felt like I gained 10 lbs over the weekend.

Well they promised to visit us in Ocotber if we had a Halloween party. I don't know if that's going to happen, but we will see.

Side note:
I took a picture of this wall art in one of the administration building, I am doing my study in a safari theme. Maybe I can duplicate it. This picture went for $50,000 then donated back to the school. I believe one of the students painted this print. That takes care of tuition for at least two years!

I'm so far behind

Yes, yes I know school started four weeks ago and I am just now getting a picture up of Samantha.

If you only knew how my mornings went.
  • 5:30 am get up shower
  • take the dogs out
  • come in to get dress
  • gather up my stuff to head out the door
  • oh wait I forgot something
  • go back into the house
  • did I feed the cat, did I turn off all the lights, go back for a second look
  • drop Samantha and her friend off at school
  • drive onto the carpool

That's a typical morning for me. I felt really bad that I did not get a first day picture, but here is a picture of her second day. She is really into the scarf thing this year. I think it looks really cute!