Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make-overs, New Art, Trash to Treasure

I few weeks back I listed some items I found in the trash and an art piece I started (link).

I've finished the art piece, created a make-over, and cashed in some of my trash.

Here is my finished art piece. I used watercolor crayons on the background sky and ground. Modeling clay for texture. Acrylic paints everywhere else. This was not my original idea, so I must give the original artist credit.

My makeover birdhouse. The post came from garage sale trash. It was raw and I painted it the brown color that it is now. The birdhouse was made by my uncle and once covered a mailbox at my old house. Now it greets the birds in my garden!

Remember the glass table top I dug out of the trash. Well it sold on Craigslist for $15. I listed it and within 10 minutes received a response. I found a homemade shoe organizer or wine rack (not sure what the orginal purpose was used for) also in the trash a few weeks back. I've listed it but no one has responded. I'm thinking of keeping it and using it as an organizer in my craft room.

Now onto another piece of art work and more trash digging!