Friday, July 25, 2008

SeaWorld Mania!

Just got back from a mini-vacation to SeaWorld with my friend Holli and her family. She had her nieces in town and thought it would be a great opportunity to take them to see SeaWorld, which they had never visited. It was also the first time for them to ride a rollercoaster. Samantha was looking forward to riding the Great White, a flip flopping type of coaster. The last time we were there she was too short to ride. She loved it and if it was up to her she would still be there riding it.

Hurricane Dolly was stirring up in the Gulf and there were threatening rain and thunderstorms for that day, but it held off. As we walked towards our car the clouds did their little dance on us just enough for us to get semi-drenched. Thursday was definitely a wash out raining all day non-stop. Little Ms. "fish" Samantha and Holli's neices decided that the rain was not going to stop them, so they spent the morning playing in the indoor pool at the resort we were stayin at.

After their dip in the pool we headed to El Mercado and had an awesome lunch at Mi Tierra, a landmark restaraunt in San Antonio. I can remember even going their as a kid with my cousins and grandparents. So, does that tell you how old that place is!
It was a great two days of fun, a little too short though.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Smile - Mom has a new toy!

In two weeks me an my family will be leaving on a trip to Puerto Rico. I have been contemplating for a while about getting a new camera. I had made my choice back in December, but I just could not justify the expense.
This trip to Puerto Rico finally gave me the push I needed to get my dream camera. A Nikon D40 with two lenses 25-50mm and 50-200mm. I have been practicing with it trying to learn all of its little gadgets and adjustments and hopefully within two weeks I will have it somewhat mastered.
My current photography subjects have been my flower garden and my ragamuffin 'Oreo'.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm blogging.....

Hey, I finally made it into the 21 century and picked up on the world of blogging. I like the idea of keeping in touch with people by looking at their blog page. So, why not join them!
Until I get used to this blogging way of life...I may not have much to say, but keep me in your blogging favorites!