Monday, January 17, 2011

The days will get easier

Well since the last time I have blogged, there have been some changes in our life. My mother-in-law passed away Jan. 2, 2011. A truly unexpected loss. She was ill and had recently gone through several surgeries. She came out of those surgeries with flying colors and was doing so well. It was a great loss for our family because she was such a big part of our lives this past year.

Hector has held up extremely well and has been very strong. Samantha is doing well too, but I know there will be days that will come that will be sad to them both. It has been years since I have lost my grandparents and there are times I see something or pick up something that reminds me of them and a tear comes to my eyes.

I am just so glad that Samantha was old enough to have the memories she shared with her. The other day she told me "mom whenever I hear this song from Miley Cryus it reminds me of grandma." I made me tear, but also made me feel good that Samantha has something she will share with her grandma when she needs to reach out to her.

Love you Rosa.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - A New Year A New Beginning

It has been so long since I blogged. I hope to keep on track this year, if not every week at least every month.

2010 was very busy year for me. A new job in September and having to learn it all on my own. The job has been a challenge and I wonder sometimes why I ever took it, but I look at it as a new step forward in a positive direction. I have learned a lot and have a whole lot more to learn.

As usual my photography picked up in September, which kept me busy on the weekends with shoots and edits. I had a wedding, jewelry shoot for a local jeweler, and three family shoots. The wedding was a stretch for me, something I had not done before, but it has provided me the opportunity to approach wedding pictures at a different angle. Although, I did the traditional wedding group photos, I also provided the bride and groom with shots outside of the norm. Below are some of my favorites.

2011 I hope to pick up more on my photography business. Someone even inquired about my fees for a Spring wedding. They liked what I did for The Carter wedding. Hopefully it will materilize and I will have another wedding to add to my portfolio.
To the best of 2011!