Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alphabet Tag

What is this? You list 10 of your favorite things that start with a certain letter assigned to you by another blogger. My letter (S) came from Joan.

1. Samantha

2. Scrapbooking

3. Spaghetti

4. Summer

5. Sandals

6. Sweets

7. Santa Claus

8. Salsa

9. Smiles

10. Strawberries

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruising with T!m

For all my scrapping friends have you ever visited the ScrapMaps website?

It's just one of those sites I often visit. I like to see what the artists in the scrapbooking industry are teaching on these faraway exotic vacations. Two of my favorite artist that I often look for are T!m Holtz and Donna Downey. Tim is taking a cruise voyage this October to the Pacific waters of Mexico. I am going to try and talk my husband into us going. So, we will see where I get with that. I don't think he will object, but then there is the cost involved of course!!!!

If you have never taken a scrapbook cruise before, do it! If we do this one, it will be my third. The first one I took was back in 2002 and a local scrapbook store hosted it and invited artists in the scrapbooking industry. That was an awesome time! The second one was a little laid back and I didn't feel like I got so much out of the teachers or classes taught. Angie Randall founder and editor of PaperKuts magazine was the host for that cruise. Well she is out of the business now, never know what happened with her.

I definitely would like to go on the cruise with Tim Holtz. I have taken a class from him before and what I love is his eclectic technique. Not your traditional scrapper.

I'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Puppy Mill Hell!

Have you ever purchased a puppy from an individual off the road, from a store, or from an individual selling puppies in the paper? Do me a huge favor, next time your in the market for a new puppy look for a rescue league or shelter.

I rescued my Shih Tzu, Oreo, from the Lonestar Shih Tzu Rescue four years ago. I volunteered at some of their adoptions and heard horror stories about the puppy mills or the conditions they found a lot of our foster four-legged kids.

Well, it has happened again. Thank God they were saved. Remember that not all people who claim to love animals and give you the innocence of being good breeders are necessarily telling the truth. Click on link for the Lonestar Shih Tzu Rescue blog site to the left on "blogs I stalk". Some of the pictures maybe too graphic.

I think if we all think about where we want to get our next dog or puppy from we can put all the breeders out of business. There maybe some good ones out there and I be hard to judge, but I have not seen those good breeders. Another thing to think about your donation to these shelters or rescue organizations is tax deductible.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding Bells for 2009

Saturday January 3rd, one of my nephews got married and it was a gorgeous fairy tale wedding. Cole and Kelly are childhood sweethearts and they looked so wonderful together. Cole is the son of my first cousin, whom I grew up with. Her children and my other cousin's children refer to me as their aunt.

The wedding was held at a beautiful facility in Tomball, TX. When you entered the facility it looked as gorgeous inside as it did outside. Even more so, because it was dressed for the wedding. Their colors were white and pale grey, and the place was lit with candles everywhere, dangling crystal from faux trees, and fake snow. A true winter wedding brought indoors.

After reciting their vows, a fake snow machine sprinkled snow flakes on the bride and groom. It was a beautiful scene. The wedding party and guest then left the alter area, while the banquet servers rearranged the room. The room later became a room of winter white with faux white trees on the tables with crystal embellishments.

A new wedding theme I had heard about, but never saw was a candy bar. They had a table filled with glass canisters of assorted candies, mostly chocolate. They even had white and grey M&M's with their names and the date they got married. You could go up to the candy jars and fill a cellophane bag to your liking. I think it is a great concept.

What a great way to start a New Year with a new addition to the family and start of a new life together!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rockettes Christmas Show

Friday afternoon (1/2) my family and I went to see the twilight performance of the New York City Rockettes Christmas show. Thanks to my friend Holli we had awesome seats! Sixth row from the front of the stage.

I thought the show was going to be all about the Rockettes dancing, but there was a great story line. My favorite part of the show was when they got on the New York City tour bus. The background scenery moved along with the bus, which actually made it seem as though they were traveling through New York.

I told Hector we would definitely have to go visit New York during Christmas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Everyone makes those New Year resolutions and never seem to keep them. I'm one of them. Here are some of my realistic resolutions I know that I can keep.
  • Indulge more into my art and creating
  • Do family weekend end trips, to get to know small towns in TEXAS
  • Plan ahead and organize my months and days
  • Participate in more 5k's
  • Use my creative skills to make money
  • Do one thing on my bucket list and cross it off