Monday, August 9, 2010

Creative Play

One project down….sooooo many more to go. It has been nearly a month and a half since my return from Missouri. I told the girls when I left I would have the Circle Journal pages that I needed to complete sent to them within two weeks. It took me a whole month and a half to get these pages done.

I pretty much had the layouts sketched out and ready to create, but couldn’t get the motivation to get in the room to do them. I finally did them weeks later and then the whole journaling stumped me. What should I write on these pages? Really there was not a lot of journaling involved, other than Amy’s holiday tradition page, but coming up with creative text and titles threw me for loop.

Amy – Holiday Traditions and recipes. Her circle journal rules: she wanted to know what our holiday traditions we had with our families and what recipes do we use for these holidays. We could not duplicate holidays. Well Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween were already gone when I got the book and I had to come up with other another holiday. Our family summer get togethers were always on the Fourth of July and we have great neighborhood celebrations on this day too.

My recipes I choose were my Texas Chili and Mississippi Mud Pie.

Allie – All About a Boy. Her circle journal rules: make a page all about the interest of her son Austin. He likes music, sports (especially the Saints), and playing video games. Because Austin and I like music, I chose to do a page geared towards rock songs. Of course my genre of music is classic rock, Austin’s interest is probably more pop rock. Thank goodness for Guitar Hero it has brought back quality music to the younger generation! I like working on Allie’s books, because having a girl I really do not ever get a chance to make masculine boy pages.

Michelle – Friendship page with shades of blue. Her circle journal rules: create a page with only shades of blue and friendship quotes. I had fun making these pages because I am really getting into making my own paper flowers. I recently volunteered at a Scrapbook Convention (CKC) and one of the classes was called Floral Fancy and it was about creating flowers with scrapbook papers. I really learned a lot in that class. Well on Michelle’s page I created a distressed, wrapped, button flower. Not easy to work with, but love the look!

And finally they are off to the next recipient creator!