Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creative Challenge

I issued a weekend challenge last week to some girls in my scrapbook group. The challenge was to do a creative project, whether it’s scrapbooking, art, or a housing project.

January is kind of a downer month and the feedback I was getting was their create outlet was not gelling this month. Well the challenge was to spark some energy to get creating again, but I also issued a reward for those that did meet the challenge. We had three creative ladies that stepped up:
  • Brenda created cookie sheet calendars. These are awesome, I have one my refrigerator.
  • Lori did a room makeover. She re-did her daughter’s room as a birthday gift.
  • Allie worked on Valentine cards for her nephew.

Take a look at some of their creations below.

I participated in the challenge myself, because 1) how can you issue a challenge without participating yourself 2) I needed things that needed to be completed, and 3) I can be a little competitive sometimes.

I completed two projects: a circle journal about my pets and a SS (secret sister) gift swap. My scrapbook group and I have participated in several circle journals, this is the fourth round. A circle journal is a book passed along through a group, each adding to that journal. In our case it’s creating scrapbook pages with a theme in mind. My circle journal this round is about my pets. In past rounds, I have created a music theme, girly theme, and my 10 favorite things.

The SS gift swap is a trade of creative items we make. Each girl was given another girls name to swap items with and we had to create something warm and cozy to take away those winter blues. My item is a recycled peanut jar with some fun stuff inside (I can’t say what’s inside because my SS may see). I used spring colors to brighten up her dreary days and added flowers to look forward to Spring.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Goodwill Creates Great Feeling

My year is starting out great I have to admit. A year of giving back and providing stewardship to my community is becoming a true reality and not just a wish!

I started out the year with a great volunteer opportunity – Extreme Makeover. While I was there I met some great people. A lot of them spend hours volunteering on different projects around their community. Listening to these people speak about their stewardship left me energized to do more.

I immediately got online to ABC’s website to take a look at other volunteer opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities, you should check them out. While on the site I saw the Goodwill logo and emailed for further information. Goodwill is part of ABC’s “Give a Day/Get a Day” program. You volunteer there for a couple of hours and you get a one day pass to Disney in return.

This past Saturday I volunteered 3 hours at a Goodwill store in Katy. Goodwill earns money from retail sales and donations. They provide back to those in need by finding job opportunities and learning skills for those individuals getting back on their feet. The first half-hour I went through an orientation process of learning about the store. The rest of the time I put out merchandise from the back racks and sorted through clothes for the Goodwill employees to price. The three hours went by real fast, before I knew it the hour had come to leave. It was a different experience and I really enjoyed learning about Goodwill and their program. BTW…if you ever take clothes to these places just little tidbit they will throw away clothes with tears, stains, and severe fading. My bad stack was growing more than my good stack. I don’t really have a vacation planned for Disney, but if I decide to go at least I know that I have one day to get in free. I may just donate it back to another organization, which I can do.

Oh I have to mention while I was working, I found some awesome finds. You need to visit your local Goodwill you never know what treasure you will find. My friend Holli had been looking for a kitchen set for her son Nathaniel for a while, but had been unsuccessful. Wouldn't you know that in the kiddie toy section there were two kitchen sets – one pink and one green. I called Holli to let her know that there were two there, well the pink one was out of the question! Now Nathaniel has a new kitchen set and can you believe it was only $10!
I now need your help:
I found another charity that needs your help and mine! I will be the delivery person to this organization. I just need your help in getting me the items. I NEED YOUR SHOES. I will be collecting these for Soles4Souls. Please help me in providing shoes for the needy here in the USA and other countries. My goal is to collect a 100 shoes from friends and family and send them to this organization. I would appreciate your donation! They do not have to be extremely new, but at least in some sort of decent condition.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I’ve been selected to volunteer for Extreme Makeover. They are reconstructing a home in Kemah for a family who’s house was destroyed by Hurricane IKE. Read the story here

I will be volunteering this Wednesday and Thursday. I’m pretty excited and looking forward to what they have in store for me. Since the reveal is on Thursday I’m thinking that they are going to have me as part of the cleanup crew. Even better if I am part of the decorating crew!

If you are a follower of the show you know that this season they have been featuring a star to assist in the construction. This will be another great surprise to look forward to. What is really neat is since I have been selected they are keeping us updated via email on up to the minute details. Unfortunately they have told us to leave all cameras at home. No cameras will be allowed on set. BUMMER! I can totally understand why though. The experience itself will be a great story to tell. Look forward to coming back to share on Friday.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Living a Life Inspired

I'd like to say that I came up with the header myself, but no it's the words of Donna Downey, one of my favorite multi media artists.

While I was on vacation last week, I meet a friend for lunch. She is very artsy too, but more the on the theatrical side. She and I had an awesome lunch and then went into this new shop that opened in Katy Beau Kisses. There is this new artist that Donna Downey has promoted once before her name is Kelly Rae Roberts. Her artwork is a little eclectic but I like it. Well, my friend Sarah and I saw some of her artwork in Beau Kisses. When I looked at the price I nearly fell back. A small canvas piece was $50. Sarah gave me the encouragement to create my own KRR piece. I'm going to buy her book Take Flight..... to see if I can create my own inspired piece.

If there is one thing I admire is these two women and any artist out there that believes in themselves to go out and make their art a career.

One of my goals for 2010 is to do the same. You may not find my artwork at your local retailer, but my inspired piece will be mine to enjoy and maybe share with you.