Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cyber-Site Tuesday

I found yet another site to keep my idle mind preoccupied on the computer forever!

The site is called Pinterest, it catalogs any ideas, likes, home designs, recipes, etc.. You can also follow your friends if they are using it. Some of my FaceBook friends were commenting about it and I was thinking what is all the interest in this site. Well one day I started playing with it and that is all it took, I am hooked!

Pinterest allows you to create your own wish list or catalog recipes or design ideas you would like to use in the future. You can also repin (tag) some of you friends ideas or other users on your board. Some boards I have created: Favorite Places and Spaces, Books Worth Reading, For The Home, I'd Wear That, Yummy Foods, Photography Ideas and Interest, and Halloween (my favorite holiday).

Here is a sample of some of my friends pinboards:

Enjoy pinning and don't get upset with me if you get hooked too!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cyber-Site Tuesday

As promised after my photography challenge I would bring Cyber-Site Tuesday back.

Today's feature is about food. The other day my family and I were having a conversation about food and the process of creating a great meal from a list of ingredients. After that conversation my conclusion is cooking is an art itself. I have quickly learned that you either have the ability to create or cook a great masterpiece or simple art piece or not. My idea of a great masterpiece is a well layed out 3 course dinner - appetizer, meal, and dessert. A simple art piece is just a simple meal - i.e. tacos.

If I had more time, I probably would experiement more in the kitchen. I love to cook, but hate the mess!

My ideal of a great masterpiece - gorgonzola salad, stuffed shrimp, and chocolate/chocolate cake. On a recent family trip I made my famous gorgonzola salad. I recieved a lot of backlash in the beginning, especially from the bigger kiddos in the group and the picky eaters. I have to say that after the meal was over, every one said I want that salad by itself tomorrow (even the doubters).

Cooking can be stressful for some and I am one of those individuals that can stress about it. What to cook for dinner, changing up the pattern of our meals, and creating great meals for a special function.

Below are some recipe and meal planner blogs I found while blog hopping. I found some great recipes to use and most importantly plan out the meals before getting in the kitchen.

Recipe Blogs:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative Play

A couple of week's ago was the annual girls scrapbook retreat I attend every year. Unfortunately, due to Samantha's NAM pageant I had to miss it.

I told this year's hostess, Alisha, that I would like to send something to add to the goodie bag. Every year the hostess(es) put together a little bag of fun scrapbooking and non-scrapbook items for the incoming guest.

I was not up to creating a scrapbook related item, I wanted something they could decorate their scraprooms with. Since I have recently gotten back into my art, I decided to create a small canvas piece with the theme of this year's retreat which was Gerber Daisies. The canvases were quick to turn around once I got them going. Luckly I only had to make 6.

Below are my created pieces.

I am currently working on a giraffe picture to add to my safari craft room. I will be posting in the next coming weeks.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Family, Fourth, and Fireworks

4th of July turned out to be better than expected. Texas has had such a draught this year, fireworks were banned nearly everywhere. I honestly can not remember a year in my life where I have not popped fireworks personally - this had to be the first year.
Although, I do enjoy the big firework shows.

We started out the day with a cookout-hot dog, hamburgers, and cupcakes. Below was my contribution to the fun fooderie. I found some cute cupcake liners to wrap around cupcakes.

Samantha, her cousin, and some of the neighbors started a game of water balloon toss.

Night fell and the family headed to La Centerra for the local firework show. It was a little shorter than last year, but after seeing the grass fires around the firework explosion area, I could understand why.

Our annual 4th of July picture to add to my scrapbook.