Monday, October 24, 2011

The Countdown has begun!

A week to Halloween.

This week I will devote my blog to a Halloween countdown.

Day 1: If you haven't already bought your costumes, what are you waiting for? To be honest I have not bought one, but I always pull one together last minute. Sometimes it's more fun and cheaper to create your own than spend a fortune on going to the costume shops.

Here is a great site you can use to create some costumes of your own.

I love the Rubik's Cube and Popcorn idea. Easy to create costumes! Plus you can use the box in front of the Popcorn costume for your candy on Halloween night.

Use what you have in your closet or in your home to create a great costume. I was Paul Stanley from KISS two years ago. I had all of the clothes in my closet the only thing I purchased were some fishnet stockings and the make-up for my face.

Don't forget local thrift stores too, those are great places to look for cheap costumes.

Get in the spirit! I will post next week which costume I have decided on.

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